Access to Collab

Collab gives innovators and creative entrepreneurs access to prototyping and digital fabrication equipment as well as the mentoring and space to build their ideas. Collab offers 24/7 open-access space, permanent desks for entrepreneurs and private studios for companies. Members can reserve space for events, classes and seminars. Collab has been able to generate millions in revenue for itself and its members by creating products and installations for its corporate clients such as Hearst, L’Oreal, Intel and the UN. The collective has helped launch more than ten companies with a combined valuation in excess of $400 million, creating more than 250 new jobs.



  • 3D Printing

    Formlabs Form 3D Printer

  • Audio / Video

    Green Screens
    Lavalier Microphone

  • Copying & Printing
    HP 24” Ink Jet Printer
    Binding Equipment

  • Cutting

    Festool Circular Saw TS 75 EQ
    Festool Handsaw
    Festool KS120 EB Miter Saw, KAPEX
    Festool Jigsaw CARVEX PSB 420 EBQ
    Festool Cutting Tables
    Laguna 14BX Bandsaw

  • Laguna Swift 4'x8' CNC Router w / Tooling
    Paper Cutters
    Festool Phillips Impact 2-25mm SX, Tl
    Festool Cordless Drill T15 Li 4.2 Set

  • Electronics Tools

    Soldering Iron

  • General Shop Equipment

    Festool Calipers
    Heat Press

  • Metal Shop

    Miller Multimatic 215 All-in-One Multiprocess Welder

    w/ Auto-Darkening Welding Mask and

    Flame-Retardant Cape
    Dewalt 4.5" Angle Grinder

  • Hand Tools

    Festool Full Plier/Cutter Set
    Festool Full Socket Set
    Festool Channel Grip Pliers
    Festool Claw Hammer
    Festool Full Allen Wrench Set (Standard and Metric)
    Festool Full Screwdriver Set
    Festool 12-inch Vise-Grip Sliding Clamps
    Festool 48-inch Bar Clamps
    Festool Locking Vise-Grip C-clamp
    General Crafting Tools

  • Laser Cutting / Engraving

    EPILOG 60W Helix Laser

  • Metalworking

    Festool Tin Snips

  • Textiles

    HP Digital Fabric Printer
    Juki Industrial Overlock w/ Table
    Juki Industrial Sewing Machine w/ Table

  • Woodworking

    Sawstop Industrial Cabinet Saw w/ In-Line Router Table

    Laguna Swift 4'x8' CNC Router

    Laguna Complete CNC Tooling Set

    Laguna Revo 18 | 36 Lathe
    Laguna SS | 24 Spindle Sander
    Laguna 8" Jointer
    Laguna 12" Parallellogram Planer
    Laguna 10HP Cyclone Dust Collector

    Laguna 14BX Bandsaw

    Laguna DB 12/6 Combination Disc and Belt Sander

    Jet 17" Drill Press
    Makita 9403 4"x24" Belt Sander

    Festool Domino Joiner 

    Festool Planer 

    Festool Router 

    Festool Dual Mode Sander 

    Festool Dust Extractors

    Festool Circular Saw 

    Festool Kapex Miter Saw

    Festool Jigsaw

    Festool Cutting Tables

    Festool Cordless Drill

    Festool Multifunction Woodworking Table

    Festool Guide Rails (Assorted)




  • Philips Cordless Drills