Collab and Futureworks are teaming up with NYEDC to celebrate Female Inventors.  

New York City is leading the way in advanced manufacturing and the Tech Startup community and in order to create new opportunities for growth across industry sectors we are calling on females to submit their ideas for an opportunity to pitch their concept and turn it into a business.

Winners will gain access to three months at Collab.  Plus 10K in support services to help bring your idea to life.

Winners will gain access to a network to take ideas to the next step.

You do not have to have any prior experience with running a business or any unique skills.  Simply submit your idea below.  

We believe when we lower the barriers to entry and access we grow as a community and enrich the lives of everyone.  

Don’t let good ideas live in your head.  

Enter to participate in this fun and exciting way to invent something.

Women are now beating men in this competitive field

The Golden Age for women entrepreneurs has finally begun. The stars have aligned to help trigger the trend as robust ecosystems churn out enterprising females equipped with inspiration, know-how and funding. In recent years, the rate of women entrepreneurs has been growing at a percentage at least double that of their male counterparts.