Invent-Her is Access to Entrepreneurship for Women

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Collab's Invent-Her platform is an opportunity for New York City-based female inventors and entrepreneurs to gain access, opportunity and support to start, grow or expand their business.  As part of NYCEDC and Futureworks Shops program, Collab has created Invent-Her to support women by providing six months of studio space and mentorship in Brooklyn to the winner of its annual competition. 

Invent-Her is more inclusive than just a competition. Each year, dozens of female entrepreneurs and women-led companies submit to be selected to present their ideas to a panel of successful women business owners.  With only 5 entries being selected each year, the competition is difficult. That’s why Invent-Her plans to hosts events, seminars, classes, and mentorship and funding opportunities in conjunction with its partners from and the NYCEDC throughout the year. If you’re a woman looking for support, and a healthy community to start, launch or explore your ideas, Invent-Her is for you.  

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2019 Invent-Her Pitch Party


Kaitlin maier, Recipient of the 2019 invent-her award. learn more about the work kaitlin is doing to advance Women’s Health.

On September 12th we gathered at Collab for the 2nd Annual Invent-Her Pitch Party. Thank you to everyone who came to support the five founders who presented their vision: @rubitection @incarebrand @ralibottle @beyoutytech & @reiahealth. Thank you to the Selection Committee for your insight and thoughtfulness in choosing the winner. @kpersaud @heidimesseru @cvuleta @attia @fayepenn Vidula Joshi @adinalevin1 and our first Invent-Her @ariciano. Congrats to @reiahealth — we are thrilled to be working with you. For the other four companies, you can bet the @invent_her network and @nycedc @futureworksnyc & @women_nyc are here to support you. Congratulations to all of you!

Invent-Her is building a platform to support the work women are doing as entrepreneurs, leaders, founders, and innovators. If you are interested in learning more about the programs we are developing please reach out.


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