Adina Levin

Co-Founder & CEO at Collab


Adina has been designing and manufacturing products and experiential installations for more than 16 years.

In 1999, she formed Company Boutique, an agency established to manufacture branded merchandise and interactive experiences for clients such as Hearst Corporation, L’Oreal, Viacom, Time Inc. and Conde Nast. With offices in New York and Hong Kong, the combined design and manufacturing capabilities gave her company a competitive advantage, allowing it to create the merchandise and branding for Kids' Choice Awards, Mercedes Benz Fashion Week, and design, develop and engineer the first online branded stores for Fox Interactive Media.

Having designed, created, manufactured and produced countless projects and merchandise throughout the years, Adina and her husband Marc began discussing the possibility of a physical space built to house and nourish unique individuals with unusual talents into a community.

Their discussions became continuous and in 2009, Adina and Marc concretized the idea by creating a Fabrication Lab, Do Tank and Innovation Studio in New York City called Collab.

Collab is an inspiring composition of artists and scientists, sharing a 14,000 square foot space in Brooklyn housed with rapid prototyping and advanced manufacturing equipment, wood shop, metal shop, sewing studio, creative technology lab, private studios, and infinite possibilities.

As CEO and Chief Design Officer at Collab, Adina continues to innovate, design, produce and collaborate daily, leading teams in building large scale endeavors, demonstrating that when inventive people share space, resources, their ideas, imaginations and talent, the possibilities are limitless.

In 2016, Adina was honored by FortyOver40 as one of 40 women over 40 reinventing, disrupting and making a positive impact in our world. This year, she was named one of New York's Top Ten Start-up Founders Over 40.